Ground Speed Auto Pilot

So, In IF we can use speed auto pilot for Mach, but how about ground speed.

When can this be used?
In escort situations.

How can this come?
Next to the GPS/NAV1 selector we can have where we can set Mach or ground speed above FL280

What could this prevent?

Long story short, I crashed into Him and he did not like that, because i was 3 Knot GS slower than him

Better link at the end of the video

Yes this was from @Frontier_18_YT 's stream

Don’t really see how this is needed… Using Mach works just fine for escorting people.

By the way, it isn’t ground speed, rather indicated airspeed (IAS). The speed on the PFD is the IAS or KIAS, not ground speed. In certain aircraft a little “GS” and number can be seen on the PFD, which is your ground speed, although this feature works only on the ground.

Oh, almost forgot. Not sure what to take from your example, all I can see is a live stream of a 757 flight…

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yes, but the problem is. In an F-22 M.79 Is too slow. while M.80 Is too fast. we need it to better control our speed

Whatever you’re escorting is also going at M.79 or M.80. Or you could go manual if you’d like, which is what I prefer.

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Well, yes. but you need to be precise, down to the 1 knot GS

Why not just control the throttle on your own?


Well, humans can and will make major mistakes over that, I want this to come for our training escorters, so they can be comfortable when their mom makes them do something while they are flying

As exactly requested this doesn’t work. GS autopilot can cause overspeeds or stalls if wind changes. We need one of two things:

  • Locking mach AP to exactly .80 instead of somewhere between .795 and .805 like it is rn
  • Setting IAS or TAS AP above FL280

3 hours… Is there a time stamp for what you were trying to show as the example of what could be prevented?

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I will get the correct timestamp later

There is no such thing as a “ground speed” setting for an autopilot IRL. Given the fact that this doesn’t exist IRL, its extremely unlikely that this would ever make an entrance into Infinite Flight.

Great suggestion though. I understood where the thought process was going with this. đź’Ż