Ground speed and HUD speed was different.

Hey, so i was landing on a 40 knot wind runway on RJAA…i was flying the 78x…i noticed the ground speed and HUD speed was not same…the HUD speed showed 40 even after the aircraft stopped on the gate…is this due to the wind ?


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The HUD speed you are referring to is the airspeed, which is different from ground speed. And as you said, because there was a 40 knot wind, your airspeed is not 0 knots although you are at a stop :)


What you see on the HUD is airspeed.

Check out this thread for more info:

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The HUD shows your air speed. It says GS meaning Ground Speed below it in smaller test :)

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Yes, Your airspeed is still affected by the wind even though you’re still on the ground.

Ground speed and Air Speed are 2 completely different types of speeds, many people get confused by them ;)

Yeah that’s right

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oh ok guys thanks…but i then respawned on the same airport with the same wind…but the HUD showed 0…unlike earlier when it showed 40…

It depends, was this on live or solo?

Because Lives streams real life weather data, so maybe the winds were a bit calmer the time you spawned in again.

live…i respawned a minute after…

so are you guys saying that i must look at the ground speed instead of air speed when landing on a windy runway ?

No, look at airspeed whenever landing. It doesn’t matter if its windy or not, airspeed is the main speed used.

my ground speed was sooo low while my airspeed did not reduce…

english please…


The thread I linked farther up will answer all/most of your questions. ;)

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Please type English.

@Captain_Dreamliner Hmm, maybe you were going against the wind? I don’t know.

alright…will read

yea…head wind

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Maybe that explains it? I’m not a wind expert 😅

he said with the same winds

The winds on Live change. I know very well what he said, but Live has real-life weather, with surely cant be the exact same, cant it?