Ground sliding?


As you know i’m a big fan and have very few complaints about the app! Though one thing that seems to be quite interfering is when in longish flight (20 minutes) the aircraft always starts to shake, and bump (not the turbulence kind, more of a shuddering). Slowly it becomes more vigoress with time. But when touching down on the runaway and taxing to parking the aircraft still shakes but actually starts to rear off to the left or right, not nose rearing but the whole plane slides of to the left and right. Makes it impossible to do a stop and go flight.

Wondering if anyone else has this trouble, must do.

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It happens to me a lot to


It happens to me when I land to fast or to hard


It happens to me very often.


Seems to be an issue, but i’m sure they will get on it!

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I think its called the floating point bug I think . The IF team do know about it.


I was wondering if anyone else gets this problem to, but I don’t mind it

So like…

You’re on AP… and slowly this back and fourth leaning motion occurs on the plane, progressing, until you disengage in AP due to the violent rocking?

If so, I have that, It happens to me when I surpass 390kts + on some planes, I just slow the plane down to avoid it


I have seen this when you are running certain aircraft at max speed. Especially the C17, 747-8. The planes seem to be able to fly faster than the technical manual would suggest. I typically try dialling back 50 knts. I have been testing out all of the planes and updating my Random Flight Generator Excel. I still have the max speed shown in there, however, I have dialed back the speed for the cruise speed. This may not be what you are seeing. Hope this helps.

Are you stating sliding in the air or on touchdown? If you are sliding in the air it means the aircraft is moving to fast and is losing some of its aerodynamic rigidity. If on the ground thr landing speed is to high. Winds and weight is also a factor

Experienced this for the first time today. Flying in Hawaii on the Advance server. Wind was 16-17 with 20-22kts gusts. Dont know if the wind is somehow a factor, I wouldn’t think so… Didn’t have any problem during initial taxi/takeoff. But after about a 20min flight and different airport, wasn’t so bad on landing but taxi was a real pain.

This is a known issue, and related to the errors in floating point calculations. It’s why we can’t have worldwide flight yet.

Btw if you return to your airport of origin, the slide will disappear


Just take a look at this post:

Ground Shifting Floating Point Bug

I think everyone experiences it sometimes but they just learn to deal with it and try overcome it for now…

I can’t see how it would be due to over speed or landing aggressively because I usually land at around 130knts on the 737-800 and usually very smoothly. It’s ONLY when I touch down and taxi that I start to slide of the runaway and taxiways. Also in the air the plane just generally starts to shudder widely. It’s an issue certainly as it prevents long flights. But, i’m sure they will fix it!


There’s plenty of previous discussions re this issue when taxiing. It’s a known bug. It’ll get sorted in time

I’d love to see the floating point bug squashed. On those nice occasions when you have a perfect flight & landing, it’s nice to finish off with a smooth taxi smack bang on the line at terminal gate. But when the plane drifts like its skating on ice, it’s virtually impossible to achieve this.


Never happens to me

I have it as well its so annoying I think I’ve lined up when I’m coming into the but because of the aircraft sliding I’m nowhere near the line

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Wondering if this is more pronounced when using IPad?

@philippe here is one.