Ground Shifting

I arrived at LAX this afternoon and when I was slowing and exiting the runway, the ground shifted. It wasn’t because I wasn’t taxiing straight but it was just a bug. It was nearly impossible to enter a gate allined with the taxi line. I hope this can be fixed!

Known bug. Devs are trying to fix it but it’s not an easy one. It has something to do with the floating point not being lined up or something. This happens when you come to an airport from another airport. The farther the airports are from each other the more intense this bug will get.


Ok. I am glad the devs know about it

I had this issue today at palm springs. The aircraft taxiing to the gate and the ground shifting to the right. Difference though was the grey taxi way looks like the water patter used in the oceans. Bit strange to say the least.

I wonder what will happen to the bug when global comes out sense the airports will be even farther apart?

Bug has been squashed in global builds.