Ground shakes and moves after landing

I’ve noticed (it’s happening more frequently) that I when I do a flight and land at my destination airport, I exit the runway and ground starts shaking and moving around. So with the ground not staying steady, it is hard to keep the aircraft in the center of the taxiway or parking. It it not terrible but it is noticeable and annoying. I can’t take a video because I have an iPad.
Does anyone else have this glitch?
It is only after landing and does not happen at departure airport or while flying.

How to reproduce:

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Fly a route between two different airports.
  3. After landing is when you will notice the ground moving and shaking.

Version: latest version of IF and latest version of IOS. iPad Air 32GB.

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Yea, I am experiencing the same issues when more than 20 aircraft are on the ground, it is hard taxiing and kind of uncontrollable.


It happens to me even when there are barely, if not any, other aircraft on the ground.

yes, please remove the aircraft shaking during flight and ground! more realistic…

The shaking doesn’t occur when I am flying. Just on the ground.

Known long term issue.