Ground Session screenshot

Hey, been some time that I’ve posted a screenshot topic. But here am I.
I was doing homework when I just scrolled through Discord and I suddenly saw that EHAM GS was about to close. So I jumped in, game crashing twice and eventually I made it. I was the Ground controller of EHAM.
There were some intense moments but it all figured it’s way out I guess. Anyway, there was a GAVA event going on from EHAM to WIII with the 777-300ER. And I happened to go into my replay and take a screenshot or 2 from them.

Route Information



Here we see Indonesian 003VA rotating its way out of the Netherlands

it ain’t much but it’s honest work

Thanks for viewing :)
Hope y’all enjoyed, wishing you a wonderful rest of the day 💫😄


Love that second picture how’d you get it like that?

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@Zach007, PhotoShop Express has a blur feature. I’m assuming that’s what @Infinite_Qantas used.

Amazing photos! I love the angle!


Nice job bro!!

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I used Snapseed for the blur