Ground services

With the new update I have also had some issues. Not exactly the same as you described, but not of my cargo features are working and doors will not open on aircraft that have the feature (ex. 757). The buttons for the ground vehicles are there, but are grey so I cannot push them.

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Ohhh interesting. That aircraft does support this new feature right?! I believe all aircrafts do. I mean if it doesn’t then that button i guess would be grey. But the 757 is recent so it should. KaiM said a hot fix will be arriving soon so let’s hope. It’s crazy funny seeing my doors open while flying though. 😂. I really already everything the IF Team is doing

Make sure you have the engines OFF, beacon lights OFF & parking brake ON before attempting to connect/disconnect the ground services.

Yes sorry, i misspelled there.

Those conditions needs to be met before attempting to connect ground services. Or else it will be greyed out. Make sure to double check, especially BEACON is easy to miss.

That worked thank you! But, now the issue is that the doors are not working for aircraft that should have them (ex. 757). The door features don’t even show up under the actions tab in the game.

That’s not a bug. It’s intentional since it’s now part of the ground services.

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