Ground Services not Working

I’ve tried in multiple aircraft’s at multiple airports, but the ground services isn’t working. I’m getting the message to turn off the engines, beacon lights, and parking brakes.

Device: iPhone XS Max
Operating system: latest



This will help you


Had a similar issue with pushback in newark yesterday, ever done but it said “disconnect all ground services prior to pushback” even though my beacons were on and all services disconnected.
I restarted the game anyways and it was fixed. Probably a bug

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I’m also having the same problem, ground services isn’t working at any airport for me ever since I updated to the latest version.

Device: iPad IOS

Read the Support FAQ previously linked…

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We’re releasing a hotfix for this issue. More info here:

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I been trying to fix this for a long time I even deleted the game and downloaded it back it still don’t work?


This isn’t something you can fix.
Please see:

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Hey! I have an iPhone 14 pro max, that is up to date. And infinite flight is 23.1. But the ground services continue to not work. We, the subscribers have paid money, but we are not getting for what we paid. And Groud service problem is going on already for a week now.
• When are you planning to fix it?
• how will you compensate the money we lost for the not fully covered game description that we paid money for?

Sincerest ,

Infinite Flight monthly subscriber


As mentioned:

Regarding compensation - unfortunately we don’t have any control when it comes to when Apple approves the hotfix. This is on their end. We did what we could the day efter release.

Hey! Thanks for the reply. Everything is understandable, thank you for details regarding compensation. Eagerly awaiting the new update !:)

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It’s still isn’t working for me :(

Me too. 7 days later and updated

iPad touch: iOS

Really sorry about this. We submitted the app to Apple for review last Friday and we are still waiting for a response. It’s equally as frustrating for us as we can’t get this fix into your hands sooner…

We’re on it though and will let you know if we have more info!


I understand. I used to have problems with my app and Apple, too. Please take your time :)


Since I’m related to app development, from personal experience it takes up to 1 week for App Store to review the app. It has been almost 2 weeks, where is the problem, guys? Where can we expect the update?

The problem is Apple “suddenly” discovering something that’s not in accordance to their guidelines, despite the change they’re complaining about have been in the app for more than 1 year.

Discussions on that is ongoing but they’re not the quickest…


@schyllberg, can you please close this topic?

It is really a pity because due to this bug, i have not played the IF for more than a week. Hope the hotfix can come out asap.

There are quite simple workarounds so I don’t see why you don’t use the app because of that :)
Unless you’re only using Short final/take off and then goes to the gate to connect the GSE. That would be the only reason I see?