Ground service

The airport pax is not work in VDPP airport. It still use stair car for every aircraft

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Hiya! Can you specify which gate please, so the issue can be checked?

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As NemAir said, providing us with the gate number can help identify the problem.

Does this issue occur at every gate at VDPP or only this one?

It doesn’t matter, there’s an issue with all gates ;)

Thanks for report, @RATANA_KIM, we’ll let the editor know about this issue


Hey! This has been noted as I am the editor. Apologies for any inconvenience! Issue will be fixed by the next update.


All the gate sir sorry for late reply

Hello, I have a similar problem, and that is that when I try to put the ground services, even though it meets all the criteria, beacon lights off, engines turned off and parking brake activated, it won’t let me put them on

Make sure you update to the last version :)


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