Ground Service Detail

22.4 release

@Devs Why wasn’t much greater detail done to ground service equipment wordings. They looked faded and grayed out. I hope a rework or fine tooling in 22.5 is in the works

Jason posted about this in another post, I will try to find and link here for you. But I believe he talked about how wording is intensive on the rendering in game…

From the 22.4 blog thread from Jason, hopefully this helps answer your question.

Seeing the equipment next to the aircraft, the huge difference in texture quality is even more jarring. I realize there is the ever-present issue of memory, but perhaps it could be tweaked such that your personal equipment is HD, but other players’ equipment is the current texture quality?

Developers are working on some technology that should really help with this (and lower the computing cost of text on aircraft as well). In the meantime, all polygons and textures are expensive and airports bleed polygons :/ This will improve.


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