Ground School

I assumed that’s what you were referring to in your above response, just wasn’t sure if you had PM’d etc

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Yeah I did. We got it all storted


Thanks guys corrected for the savy. Was only looking for even or odds +500 or not. But it’s corrected, thanks for the input.


Brain farted and flipped around the 359 and 179 putting both in the other’s spot, that screwed me up with the altitude and heading ones. Other than that got them all correct except for the pattern altitude ones.

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Wow, very creative. Introducing IF Ground School…

Thanks idk how creative it is. I was just bored and figured why not do a test on all the mods have taught us in the last few years.

I will take it as soon as I can!

One question,why GROUND SCHOOL? Almost every question is about TOWER or APPROACH

Ground school is where you learn your flight rules, procedures, phraseology, how to conduct preflights, flight planning, W&B etc. So it’s not referencing movement on the ground, but everything you learn on the ground prior to taking flight.


Great job! took the test and got 20/24 with out any revision (Needed to read up on reading METAR and forgot to click on the link to view the charts for KASE! …pilot error!).

This is a great bit of work and I think that there should be some sort of similar test before being able to access the Expert Server…


Try a different browser it works fine for me on safari.

It was on safari, but I needed to close safari first. It’s all good now!

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19 to go until 100 tests taken.

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Long way to go

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