Ground School

Hello I’m am currently working on my ground school over and over again and it feels like a chore. I’m am not quite getting the cloud types and arc down can someone maybe help?😭

You should change this to #real-world-aviation, #general is for Infinite Flight related things.

Here’s cloud types 101 if that helps :)

Best thing for clouds is take your book out everyday and look up to see them and pick them out. Then do it while driving or anything else that helped me a ton.

As far as arcs what are you referring too exactly?


Sorry but what is arcs, and I do GS online…

An arc is either a part of a circumference of a circle or an electric discharge between two electrodes. I’m going to assume the former is what you’re studying?

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Agreed. Until the day you are with your significant other or non aviation friends and you accidentally say what those clouds are and aprox altitudes, with possible fronts you realize what you just did. :)


Are you talking about DME arcs?

I don’t know…

I’m having a hard time understanding this

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