Ground School.

I start ground school tomorrow, any tips or things I should know?


Forget everything you learned from IF except pattern legs, and have fun


Its Boring… Very Boring (At Times)

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Ya, I’m in it for three days from 8am, to 5pm.

Ouch. Eat a lot of hot 6AM donuts before you go.

Right, this will be a long weekend.

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I would first like to congratulate you on the start to your future. I gotta say, ground school is not the funnest part of flight lessons. A lot of the times you might get frustrated with your instructor. There will be times when you will think, “I have mastered this and this, can’t we just go up now?” but every time you think that you gotta realize your instructor knows what he/she is doing. They ain’t just gonna let you go up without knowing the basics. UBER wouldn’t let a 16 year old without a drivers license work for them, would they? Piloting an aircraft takes discipline and patience. Ground school might get so frustrating at some points to the extent where you just wanna go home, sit on the couch, and play Infinite Flight. But you can’t. You have to study, study, study. Then you gotta impress, impress, and impress. Then, you can fly. PM me if you ever have questions or need help.

Best of luck,


Hey @Captain_Brenneman! Doing this at CID? 😉 I’m taking an online course here at IOW, but it’s pretty much a review of what I’ve done so far and it will teach you how the airplane flies in all the situations your in, including stalls, straight and level, turns, climbs, descents, etc etc. It’s fairly easy to memorize as long as you go back over it and think about it every once in a while flying.

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@Delta_Alpha_Lima and @Balloonchaser I couldn’t agree more. My parents have literally unplugged my computer and yelled at my that I have to do Ground school when I’m on the computer, while I’m off enjoying some ROBLOX game or something. Last lesson Wes told me I need to be a bit farther than 3% of phase one, now I’m at 51% and can barely take any more xD

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What is Groud school because I’m British?

(For pre/post-flight)

Don’t tighten the engine oil cap too much.

Seriously. Last week, PPI needed to use a wrench to remove that thing just for access. Tighten, but don’t tighten so much that your life depends on it.


I can’t emphasize what Josh said enough. My instructor spent 15 minutes trying to get that damn thing loose. It only has to be snug. When the engine is on, the cap will warm up from the heat, and as a result it will expand, locking it in place. If you do it too tight, the next person that uses that plane is either going to have a lot of difficulty opening it, or they won’t be able to do it at all (without tools).

I have forgotten most of the the PPT stuff but it seems the regs are the hardest part followed by weather. For most of the regs there’s plenty of mnemonics that help you remember them. My favorite was always A TOMATO FLAMES for 91.205. My CFI is still current but only because they renew it every two years no questions asked because I’m an Air Carrier Instructor.

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This I a really big day for you. Wow, you are so lucky. Do what the other members told you. Good Luck!!

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Yep, CID this morning.

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