Ground school topics

is there a reason why people can’t create Ground School topics? just wanna know

You have to be Trust Level 2 to post those kinds of topics.

but I’m tl2, right?


Only staff members are permitted to post in the Ground School category as mentioned in the topic below:

As a TL2 user or above, you are however permitted to post in the Community Tutorials category making sure to adhere to the category guidelines linked below for reference:

Let us know if you have any questions. Take care!

Yes, you are. I think you should be able to post ground school topics. If there is an issue, you may want to contact @moderators via PM.

There is no need to contact moderators. As mentioned above, only staff are permitted to post in the Ground School category, but TL2 users and above can create useful tutorials adhering to the category guidelines in the Community Tutorials category.

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ok, got it thanks @Declan

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If there was an issue, I mean.

can someone close?

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Thank you Deco