Ground School Question.

I am in flight school and this is the only part I am having issues in, so much to know and can be confusing at times. Any tips to help me study or things I should know?


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your instructors are only here to help you :)

(fyi i am not in ground school, but I think this general piece of advice applies)

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What aren’t you able to grasp at this point in school?

I hate to break it to you… ground school is the easiest…

Tips for remember what you learn…

Read it once, test yourself on your retention, read it again…

Also, always read it out loud to yourself, the act of reading and listening helps you retain more.

What you don’t understand, sketch out on a peice of paper to see it visually.


Nah, I got it just took the test easiest thing I was just underestimating me.

Don’t do that. You’ll end up as your own acheilles heal…

You’ve got it! Good luck on the rest of your training!

I got it down just have to remember the Magnetic Compass and some of the FAA regulations.

Mag var… not sure what they teach in ground school…

But it’s not always the same everywhere! Lol

I’m using Gleim software that we got to help study, pros about it are that the prep test is on it as well.

We are all individuals. We each have a skill set with strengths and weakness. That said … talk to your instructor in what you are having a hard time grasping . It’s is his or her job to tailor lesson plans to the individual. A bad instructor is one that teaches one way and one way only to all their students.

Well the good thing is that for the test you arent required to get 100%. No one is perfect and mastering flight is a life long process (things are always changing).

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