Ground School Online?

Hey community, I am enrolling in an FAA Certified Ground School (141) course, firstly I didnt know that you could do ground school online, and it earns credits in the FAA pilot proficiency program but I dont know what that means, also do you think that this will be a good first step for a student pilot? I have only earned two hours towards my PPL but I want to start this Ecourse next week.


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The Kings Ground School is good, you know you did it correctly when you fall in love with Martha.
Sheppard Air is also a good program to use!

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They don’t offer a PPL course.

You go online and can go through the FAA wings program and earn credits and other things. I don’t believe that’s ground school but more like case studies on what NOT to do!

I know for my college flight school if it’s part 141 that may offer a program that’s set up for them, I know my school uses gliem for all of there stuff.


That’s exactly what I am doing :).The ground school is from gleim, is it acceptable, @N1DG? Its 35 hours and it is titled “Ground School” and is 141 type.

Gleim told me its ground school and is 100% online. I was also told a lot of commercial pilots in the U.S dont go to ground school because of the money, they study self-paced as ground school is not a requirement in the U.S the FAA confirms this on their website.

I am doing ground school from gleim anyway to gain proficient knowledge, so I guesse my question was answered it can be done online and is from gleim.

Good to know, thanks everybody.

Yes u can do ground school 100% online. Like you said, that’s how most people do it when it comes to getting ratings

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Forgot to throw in, Sportys!


Do you know if you.need a 2nd or 1st class medical certificate to get a commercial certificate?

I dont want to fly commercial but it would be an achievement to get.

I am very, very confused on which you need and the differences.

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To get a commercial you need a third class, now to exercise your privileges as a commercial pilot you need either a 2nd or 1st class.
135 world will require a minimum of a 2nd class

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Because my vision is only 20/40. Is that good enough?

That’s a question for your AME,I think for your first or second class you need to be corrected for 20/20 but I would call the AME


Doing ground school online is a whole lot better in my opinion than actually paying an instructor to teach you it. I like to go at my own pace so I can study when I want too. Ive used gliem I can’t really recommend it but I mean if it’s what your school uses go for it


The FAA pilot proficiency program is some that promotes air safety and is a whole other explanation. That’s for later. For me I took private pilot ground course in college, did flight training and when it came to the knowledge test did I pass? Nope! I didn’t want to spend the $300 on the Kings School course even though I heard it was really good. So anxiously I purchased it thinking there’s no way I’ll learn and pass. Well, my scores went from 60s to high 80s/low 90s with Kings school. It seems like they explain it at a third grade level where it is extremely comprehendable. So yes I like online cause you can go at your own pace and get Kings school as it’s a guaranteed high score


Also PM me if you have any further questions

you should be good to go as far as vision is concerned - obviously up to the AME ultimately though. But here is a good article.

I used Gliem for private, instrument, and commercial written… might not have been the most efficient way, but it definitely got the job done. No matter how you do it, there’s no way around a lot of studying.


@mac104, Do you need a PPL to take the FAA Knowledge Test? I’m buying the gleim commercial ground school training.

the knowledge test is a requirement of the PPL

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Are any flight hours required to take the knowledge test?