Ground School. How to study tips and tricks

Hello IFC, Todays flight training topic will be about ground school. I see many users starting their first flight lessons which is great. The world needs more pilots and there is certainly a shortage. Here in the US of A in order to get your private pilot’s certificate let alone any certificate after that you must pass a written test in order to take your checkride. So here are a few things that I know about ground school.

Be Prepared:
If your CFI asks you to study something, study it. Its likely important to your next lesson.
Ask questions, a good pilot is always learning. If your not sure of something ask.
Watch videos of your maneuvers and learn them before you do them. Having an upper hand always helps.

Hit the books! Find an hour or two out of your day to read your study material and work on answering questions for the real exam.
Be dedicated!! IF you really want something, work for it. Don’t expect others to do your work for you.

Online Ground Schools:
There are many online ground schools that are great for pilot training. Some of these are:
Kings Schools

Reading Material: The list below while fairly short can help A LOT in your ground school studies.
Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Your Private Pilot Handbook
A current FAR/AIM

This is just my tips and tricks and my own advice. ANY real world pilot can feel free to share their tips and tricks


Thanks! This is very helpful 😊

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