Ground Power Function

While the addition of the GPU as one of the ground services equipment is a nice addition to update 22.4, it serves no real purpose in the pre- or post-flight because it doesn’t provide AC electrical power to the aircraft systems like it’s supposed to (similar to when the APU is running).

For example, aircraft lights and instruments should be turned on when external ground power is connected so we wouldn’t have to turn on the APU. In reality, this saves fuel because the APU does burn fuel which is also not accurately portrayed in IF yet. Just a small attention to detail.

Keep up the good work!

I believe this was mentioned in the 22.4 sneak peak livestream. Laura mentioned something about eventually having the GPU be fully functioning. I agree in that this would be an awesome feature and I definitely hope it might be added here soon :) Have a nice day!

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Got my vote

A nice suggestion but I think infinite flight will add this anyway in the future. I think that has even been said somewhere before! I don’t vote for the post myself because I consider it a waste… Don’t forget this is just the beginning, in other versions this will certainly come :)

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I agree, a full functioning external GPU would add realism and allow to have instrument power without APU. Voted. Blue skies :)