Ground Power at the Gate

Hello IFC,
since 20.1 we got the APU to use. But isn‘t it more realistic to add the Ground Power when at the Gate. So you don‘t have to start the APU from the Cold and Dark State. When ready for pushback you can disconnect the GPU and start the APU. This feature isn‘t that hard to implement and it would increase the Realism of the SIM. I know that the Developers just rolled out the new update but for the future it would be nice if next to the Airplane a GPU would Power it up. For those who don‘t know what it is here is an IMAGE:


So if you think this would also Increase the Realism leave a Vote!

This would definitely boost the realism
Gonna go look for a vote to free up
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Forgot that, thanks for the vote!

This feature is a feature that does not need to write a topic to be added,devs must add this🌹🌹

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yes it is, but IF are not worried about vehicles atm, they may add them in the future (dont quote me). However if X-Plane mobile has a pushback tug, IF should def be capable of having a GPU truck or such

This would be an amazing feature!

I was actually just about to make a request for this. Using APU to start from cold and dark has bothered me a bit in terms of realism. However, I don’t think we need an actual object outside, but rather just a GPU switch in the Electronics Systems menu, right next to the APU and Main Battery button.

Does the apu have any function currently apart from make a apu noise? You can still turn the master and lights on and start the engines without running the apu? As far as I’m aware it just makes a noise but has no interlocking function in the game?

Freed up a vote for this :)

Then prove how you know terminals are in development, and that they’re coming in 3 years. Words mean nothing without anything to back them up.

You said, and I quote “terminals are in development too 👀 due in the next 3 yrs but they still have big plans” Where are your sources to back that up? @Aniket_Joglekar is right. We don’t know for a fact whether terminals are in development or not, nor do we know for a fact that they will be released in 3 years. So please stop spreading false info, and only rely on the official Infinite Flight Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for information. Not your fake news source that’s unrelated to IF.

Last I knew, the devs said the whole 777 family would be getting a rework (because I get my info from reputable sources, a la IF Twitter and Instagram, not some fake news source unrelated to IF, and thus has not even a single atom of an idea of what the devs plans are) Infinite Flight is a very small team of developers, so it takes a lot of time for things to get done. It is going to be a long while before the whole 777 family is reworked, and if I had any idea, that’s probably all it is for the foreseeable future, is reworks. There are planes in IF that are in dire need of a rework, and their time will come. It may be 10+ years into the future before we even see terminals.


No, you have to start the apu before you can turn on the electronics and engines. After the engines are on you can turn off the apu.

I want this. Voted!

It’d be cool to not run the APU quite so much, but I still don’t really have a problem with it. This would be cool to have though.

have a good day :)

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@Aniket_Joglekar here u go :)

12 Votes already! Thanks Guys;)

But they could at least add the Button and the GPU Sound. Do make it even more realistic.

True, but the GPU likely doesn’t even have a soundpack

In real life the Pilots turn on the APU if they start pushback and when they park at the Gate so that between engine shutdown and GPU availability the Aircraft has power and doesn‘t fall into the Cold and Dark State immediately.

I think it has some noise. I think in other Sims like XPlane you hear the GPU when it is plugged into the Aircraft and supplying it.