Ground PAX service bugs

There are two (families of) aircraft that currently do not work correctly with pax ground service:

  1. The dash 8 can no longer use a jet bridge since the ground service update, which is a regression.
  2. The CRJs open the door after the bridge is attached, causing the door to clip through the bridge.

Will these issues be fixed in the near future?

At some point, yes. I wish they took a moment to fix some of the minor bugs and kinks in the app that affect performance instead of adding in more stuff. Quality over quantity



the CRJ family when using a jetbridge has a little platform added to the bridge. It opens its door and the bridge goes over it. Kinda like what’s shown here:

There is also another thread discussing it:

The problem with this is that it would require some extra coding and modeling for a rather small feature. Do you think you could ignore it for the time being?

The Dash 8 also does a similar thing:

Though it does seem to be in testing.

I also found some posts on another forum stating that the dash 8s do contact to jetbridge, so I think that’s actually a bug that they don’t in-game.


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