Ground Operations idea

Hi everyone,

I think it would be nice to add a push foward or pullback option for the pushback truck in Infinite Flight. For example, sometimes when we pushback and start-up the aircraft we make the mistake of pushing back right beside the taxiway centerline (in my case). So in order to fix the position in which my aircraft is regarding the taxiway centerline, to be able to have a push forward or pullback option would be helpful. In addition, a push foward button would be helpful to move aircrafts around the airports from gate to gate or gate to hangar. Even though most people might find this useless, it is still a realistic option that can be added to the game.


Welcome to the community. You can vote for the feature in the topic linked below, though initial testing has been done on a potential “pull” feature, so that’s good news for you.

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This is a confirmed feature from the devs, they’re just working out how to implement it with ATC. But they said it will definitely be added and we saw proof in the A380 tutorial video when Tyler was pushing back we saw the “pull” option.


Good idea, this is also in RFS.