Ground Manoeuvres

I have noticed, after watching one of my replays, that when we are taxiing (specifically making turns) whether it be onto a runway, taxiway or into a gate, the movements the aircraft makes look very unrealistic. For example, the turns are very glitchy and the aircraft looks like it is about to tip over. I have done some research, and at first I thought it was me being too heavy on the rudder, however, no matter how little rudder you use the aircraft seems to tip, or make ‘erratic’ manoeuvres. I hope you understand what I am trying to describe and so you can understand me a little better, I will include a replay. Skip forward until the aircraft is on the ground in Luton and notice how the aircraft turns into the gate:
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I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing within IF or is it just me being too fussy?

Thanks in advance, Jacob 👍🏻

P.S. I didn’t know what topic this belongs in so for now, it is in general!


From what I can tell, you’re moving the rudder around too much. Turns should be done nice and easily. Apply a little rudder and about 10kn ground speed and keep the rudder steady through the whole turn. It takes practice, but you’ll get there.

Also, this tutorial may be more of use than my post:

Good luck :)


It’s not a problem for me though, but there are some tips that I can give you. Limit your taxi speed, when you are doing a turn, keep your taxing speed around 10kts. Use the rudder nice and easy, just like driving a car. There are some taxing techniques, different for each aircraft though

@Jacob_Laurie Could you clarify whether the movements are erratic only in the replays or during live as well?

Edit: I just saw your replay. Everything looked fine to me. No jerky movements on ground and your taxi speed was fine.

I’m not sure about that one I’m afraid. I don’t really look at that kind of thing when I’m piloting.

I know what you’re saying. Replay’s are not perfect. I like watching the gear bounce when I land, but I don’t see that in replay (Apart from the 737 and A320 family)

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