Ground Maneuvering - How to expedite with parallel runways

Dear pilots,

As an Advanced Controller and a regular pilot on the Advanced server, I came across this problem (too) many times. As we all know, EDDL gets busy very quickly as Amsterdam is one of our favourite regions. In order to be able to handle traffic efficiently, I’d like to highlight a common misunderstanding amongst pilots operating and maneuvering on ground. This tuturial is IMHO also applicable to other airports with two parallel runways next to each other like KLAX or KSSC.

1. Let’s get familiar with the airport layout first:

Normally runway 23L/05R is used for departures and 23R/05L for arrivals. Let’s say you are established on the ILS RWY23R. As a pilot, your goal is to leave the runway as soon as possible to not block the runway for incoming aircraft and to keep traffic flowing.

The earliest exit for a landing on runway 23R would be taxiway B. Note that this is a high speed runway exit. You can easily start leaving the centerline of the runway with an estimated Ground Speed of around 40-50kts. If the controller gives you an expedite command make use of the high speed runway exit, without sacrificing the safety of your passengers of course. Now comes the important part: Pay attention what kind of command the controller sent you. I take an example of an earlier session of me in live.

“Swiss 40, when able turn left, hold short runway 23L

The command says it all. I leave the runway ASAP and hold short of runway 23L. In the meantime you should automatically contact ground. Reason for this is so he can clear you for runway crossing later on, but DON’T ask for runway crossing(unless you think he forgot about you). The controller is aware that you are holding short. Simply change frequency and await further instructions.
Another thing I see is pilots asking too early for “taxi to parking” when they are in the middle of the parallel runways. Once you crossed runway 23L you can ask for taxi to parking. This prevents a possible misunderstanding between controller and pilot. As a controller, I don’t like to clear you for taxi to parking when you are sitting between two active runways. A pilot can misinterprete that as a clearance to cross the runway and thus lead to a dangerous runway incursion. I might wanna add that clearing you for taxi at your current position is basically contradictory to what I just told you…hold short 23L.

As you can see he cleared me to cross 23L before I even reached the hold short mark. I didn’t ask for runway crossing as I knew this controller was aware of my current position and intentions.

Let’s sum up:

1. Expedite and contact ground automatically
2. Hold Short 23L, wait for runway crossing clearance (but don’t ask for runway crossing)
3. Once cleared, cross 23L
4. Request taxi to parking

What to do when you can cross immediately?

If traffic volume is low, the controller might even be able to allow you to cross 23L directly after landing. The command would be like that: "Swiss 4 0, when able turn left, cross runway 23L" See? The command says it all. Leave runway 23R and cross runway 23L directly without asking for permission. The controller probably has a ready for departure aircraft lining up or already waiting for takeoff on 23L, so make this one quick, but safe! Don’t forget to contact ground after crossing 23L to request taxi to parking.

Let’s sum this scenario up:

1. Expedite
2. Cross Runway 23L without hesitating (You have the clearance)
3. Contact ground after or while crossing 23L
4. Request taxi to parking

2. Selecting the most suitable exit:

I don’t wanna imply with this tutorial that taxiway B is the one and only exit you can use. If you think you can’t make it onto Bravo in time, don’t force it. Use your aircraft’s remaining energy (speed) to reach the next vacating point as quick as possible, which would be the inactive (as you can see by the big cross on the airport chart) runway 15. It’s way worse if you use as much braking force as possible but can’t make it onto Bravo. Now you just passed the taxiway and are at a very low speed of lets say 10-15kts. In addition to that, you still got quite some distance between you and the next vacating point. Now you need to spool your engines up again, acclererate and all this takes time, maybe too much time and the plane behind you is forced to go around. Decide quickly if you can make it to a certain taxiway or not and use your remaining kinetic energy accordingly.

3. Highlight on Taxiway B:


As you can see this middle section is quite long. I’d guess that around 4 A320 size aircraft will fit in there and around 2 to 3 heavy aircraft depending on the model. So don’t be afraid vacating onto this taxiway if you see a plane holding short 23L already. Just make sure your aircraft’s full length is between the two hold short lines highlighted in red here.

4. Controller’s awareness
To finish I just wanna say that the controller, especially on Advanced, is totally aware of you whether you are holding short or are cleared to cross runway 23L directly. Trust him, follow his instructions and make it easier for the controller, other pilots AND yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! Feedback or inputs appreciated.


Watch out for trees in the event of a go around. I spent nothing but stare at them for a good few minutes. What am I doing with my life?!

I never stop fully on the runway if I’m told to expedite or not.

Why can’t I upload more pictures? This is getting on my nerves now

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There seems to be a new limitation thing on the forum. I can’t like more than 10 photos every 3hrs or so.

Fixed it. Enjoy. Feedback and inputs welcome.

The only problems I see are:

  1. People are afraid to exit the runways at ground speed over 35kts due to violations. I know there is enough buffer time to slow down when off the runway but I still think it should be adjusted to allow high speed taxiway exits.

  2. Some controllers will just let you sit there and then ask for intentions. Just like when I have a flight plan filed to a destination 200nm away and departure asks me for intentions as soon as I’m airborne. God, that is annoying.

Your tutorial explains the ideal scenarios though. Unfortunately you need both pilot and ATC to understand these things and we just aren’t there yet.

May be a stupid question, but:
I know the ATC command

Exit runway when able/When able, turn left/right, contact ground when off the runway, (please expedite [traffic on base/final])

but how to enter a command like

Swiss 40, when able turn left, hold short runway 23L

? @LSZH34

You can choose

  • Send
  • Expedite
  • Expedite Traffic on Bass
  • Expedite Traffic on Final
    And then come these two
  • Hold Short
  • Cross Runway

If you select one of the last two you can select a runway and it takes you back to the top four ones I mentioned

That shouldn’t be the case for advanced though…

Wow - I never noticed that. Will have a closer look before sending the exit runway command next time, thank you

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It’s one of my favourite commands in ATC

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I really noticed only the first four possibilities ( and missed the others) - ok, let’s go o a tower position and check it out ;)
[edit: I must have been blind - once more: thank you @LSZH34]

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Nice tutorial, one question- sometimes there are different Tower and Ground controllers, so the ground controller won’t necessarily presume you wil want to cross the runway (they should but they may not) so we then request a runway crossing yes? Just to confirm

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In that case I would suggest that, yes. Request runway crossing

A deep tutorial on Exit Runway commands here

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Doesn’t hurt to have an EDDL example aswell :p