Ground graphics

Hi, I can’t see a post about this but I’m sure there would of been one.

The update went fine for me, I’m on iPad Air 2

Last couple of days the graphics whilst on the ground have been really bad, it’s hard to explain exactly what I mean but as you look at the screen it is if you are suffering from dizziness if that makes sense?

Today I have deleted app and reinstalled it but it’s the same. I could do with a hand if someone can point me in the right direction

Thanks as always


Turn on antialiasing ;)

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See, as easy as that lol

Thanks loads, delete this thread whoever is able, really love you guys 😍✈️

If you go to the main menu and screenshot your graphics settings this will help us.

See below:

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Out of interest what are your current settings on. Ludicrous and High for the textures?

How do you mean? You need to talk to me like a kid I’m afraid lol

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Wait I found it, it’s on best and high

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Try it on high and ludicrous with low power mode on to save battery and limit frame rate on. Let me know in a PM how you get on.

This is what I use with no issues

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Happened for me aswell. Turn on anti-aliasing and it should solve the problem 👍🏻

Hey there,
Are you talking about “Taxiway” ground scenery or the “Global” scenery?

Both are different.

  • The Global scenery is not visible from the ground as it is only visible when flying at a higher altitude- Minimum 8,000ft… This feature is used when flying at cruising altitudes. THIS IS NOT A FEATURE ON GROUND.
    That is probably why you may judge it as “bad”.

  • The Taxiway scenery is different from the Global. Basically the ‘road’ for the aircraft that it leads to the Runway. That would be a problem if the taxiway markings are blurred or less visible.

If this is a problem for the Taxiways, it could also be an airport editing related problem. If that is the case, when you notice any errors on markings, you can contact the Airport editing Team in Infinite Flight.

Otherwise, re-install Infinite Flight and Check is there any changes.

I hope some of this helps.

This is Global Ground scenery.

You see the difference.

It’s been solved guys and gals :)

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