Ground graphics

I noticed this today. Basically when I go in free cam and start going further and further from the airport all of a sudden the colour (sorry I don’t really know how to explain) changes. Is it known or is there a reason in the rendering that would change it?
Here’s the difference:

Not really a problem it’s just I was wondering. Also if it isn’t a known problem now we know…

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I’d say it’s because how the airports are rendered based on distance. But i’ll see if i can get the one responsible to give you are more appropriate answer :)


For performance reasons, the further away you are from the airport, the fewer the details will be drawn.
On the second picture you can also see that the markings have disappeared.
For the pavements, we try to simplify the geometry as well by merging pavements shapes.
Sadly for some airports, that messes up the rendering order and makes concrete show up over asphalt when it should be the other way around and vice versa.

This optimization is not really critical, so if there are too many visible artifacts, we might just end-up removing it.

Thanks for the bug report!


Thank you for the reply. Im really happy it’s not a problem on my side. Also it’s not really important but I felt like saying it. Have a nice day!

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Thanks Val!