Ground Frequency Unavailable at MMMX

A few minutes ago you ghosted me because I crossed runway 23R and 23L “without permisson”, but you don’t have ground to make that kind of movements in MMMX. How do you think I can ask for permission if you don’t have the ground working?.

Now if you think that in MMMX you can not change from 23R to 23L for take off you’re wrong. So I want to know what are you going to do with this situation about my account and I expect a good answer. image


OI I have the same problem

The same thing literally just happened to me

Go to your logbook and see who ghosted you.
Then contact them.

Make sure you are calm

It is stressful but act calm and it may be reversed


Give me a few moments to speak with the controller regarding this. He is still controlling so it might be a little bit. If there’s no ground, you would treat things as if it were unicom. As a pilot you would need to make sure when crossing the runway that you’re not interfering with the aircraft departing or arriving on the runway.

If you were ghosted for crossing runway without permission, please message me privately with your callsign and display name. Thanks!