Ground Frequency at KSEA Unreasonably Threatening People

The ground frequency at KSEA on expert server is currently handing out report threats and denying people taxi to parking and taxi to runways. I thought IFATC was more professional than this, and they usually are.

I’d also like to add that the ground frequency went AFK for about 10 minutes

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The current controller is @Sakshibeedu. I will avoid speculation and advise you to PM him to discuss your concerns. Thanks.

By any chance could you provide a specific example?

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Is this a live event arranged by the folks here? KSEA not on active ATC schedule today

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It is on the schedule


First of all you can always PM the controller, as Z-Tube said above

Second of all, this seems highly impossible, as the controller would be disconnected if he didn’t reply to a message in a span of 2 minutes.


Wel it’s true to most people. He just blatantly ignored loads of people

If there’s an issue with ATC, what do you expect the forum as a whole to do about it?

Please PM those who are relevant – ideally the controller (whose username you can get in-app) or, as a backup, the mod team.