Ground Effect On B777 and B787?

Just a quick question.
Does the B777 and B787 have ground effect?
No right?


This is what I learnt today, don’t know if it’s on the MD/DC families or any other families, I’m sure there is ground effects on other families I don’t know, we will see


Aircraft with ground effect include:
787 family
777 family
737-700 BBJ
A320 family
Cessna Citation X

I think ground effect was first developed on the 737-700 BBJ,but once the devs pushes a new feature for planes,like ground effect or wing flex, they are likely to also add it to the future planes they add or rework(INCLUDING THE SEVEN-THWEE-SEVEN).


I believe the MD/DCs have ground effect too? If you land them properly then you can feel it…


What is ground effect?


Thank you!


I don’t think 777 and the 787s have them.
Try landing them and compare the A320 or the CRJ to the 777 and the 787 .
It’s kinda different I think


It could depend on size of aircraft,you might just not be noticing. Plus the A320 and CRJ were recently added/reworked,which means new technology. The 787 was reworked in 2016,and the 777 hasn’t been yet,so that may be why.


Guys the MD11 and the DC10 have ground effect too


Oh, believe me, the 777s and 787s both have GE. Try landing both of those, then switch to the A380 or 747. You’ll soon see the difference, trust me!


You have a very convincing point there bud!!

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the crj definitely has ground effect… i float every time.


Lets clear this up once and for all. Ground effect was introduced on in the 787 rework. Anything that was reworked or introduced after the 787 has ground effect. Rework means redone to the level of the upcoming 737 features, not solely liveries added. Because the 77L was introduced with the 787 update the entire 777 family got ground effect added to it.

Ground effect varies from aircraft to aircraft on the amount that is produced and also depends on your speed and pitch so you may not notice it if you are flaring too early and going to slow. I always consider ground effect like an air bounce in a frisbee from when I played ultimate frisbee competitively. A backhanded disk could be thrown in the direction of the ground but with enough spin (velocity) that it created a pocket of air buoyancy that when hitting the ground would either “bounce” the frisbee (lifting the frisbee back into the air before it hit the ground) if it had a greater angle or would “skim” the frisbee over the ground. A good video of what Im talking about. It also applies to your flare mechanics with to high of a speed and pitch you will begin to rise again thanks to ground effect. The lack of ground effect is why you have to pitch higher than real life in a good portion of the aircraft in IF.


Actually Ground effect first came out with the A320. when that was added we had to leabr how to fly all over again!


So I guess no ground effect on the 777 and the 787?

Aircraft developed after the a320, including the a320 have ground effect (except for the q400)


Both have ground affect as the reworked 777 and the new 787 was released (about a year?) after the A320.

Be handy to have a list showing date when each aircraft was released or reworked. I wounder if @Kilt_McHaggis or @Jan have that data on either of their spreadsheets?

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I have a strange feeling that the Q400 has ground effect because I always float when landing it. In my opinion, the 777 and 787 have ground effect but it’s not as pronounced as on the A320 or the DC10/MD11.

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Oh yah, forgot about the Q400 lol