Ground disappearing in free cam

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
Operating system: Andriod 12 | OneUI 4.1

Hello! This is not much of an important issue but I just wanted to make it known that if in free cam and going close to the ground enough at a specific height in an airport, the ground suddenly turns into terrian. I do believe just generally putting your free cam on the ground whilst strolling around may or not reproduce similar results at other airports, as this specific height thingy does not seem to work with all airports (this happened at KLAX when I was under an aircraft, which still continued to happen after they disappeared. I could try to find the same gate as well if need be for reproduction efforts).

The image in this topic post should give you a good visualization over what I am talking about.

I am unsure if this could be helped on my end and it is not annoying enough for me to email support directly for assistance.

I have also attempted to search for topics similar to what I am talking about and appeared to found non in the support category over the free cam.

Do you have enough space ? Do you cleared Cache ?

Yes, I have more than enough space in my device. I had cleared scenery cache and did the strolling around method which seemed to have not fixed it. But I will try it again at the specific height.

Edit: Nope, I can still do the specific height thingy at KLAX, terminal 5 gate 51B with or without an aircraft to go underneath with scenery catch cleared.

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