Ground crew

Ground Crew

In Infinite flight we have doors on the all new 777 - 200ER with the new 20.1 update but whats the point of having these doors if you have no people or ground staff to drive catering trucks up etc I have proposed a plan as shown in the picture below. This would add another level of realism as you can call catering trucks stairs or even connect a jet bridge. We could also have things like better pushback in infinite flight from Xplane 11.

Please vote if you think this is a good idea :)

Hey there, if you want to have these features implemented into IF, make sure to drop a vote here 👇


Thanks, sure will!

Also here is the link for 3D buildings :) 3D Buildings

I think terminals are already in development… But I think it will still take a while until they are added.

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Yeah same i thik it will be in something like 25.0

I really do not want 3D building

Lag: I am about to end this mans whole career

Duplicate, Please continue on other the other linked topic, thanks!