Ground Crew

Infinite flight should add parking gates and ground crew. It will make the game more realistic. You will actually be able to know if passengers are boarding or not. I can be similar to the ground crew on Flight Simulator X


And it begins…


Features like this will eventually evolve just like anything else does. My guess is that 3D terminals, ground crew, etc… will be added sooner or later, but there are many factors that determine when.

The 2 most important factors are hardware and resources. It’s not possible to add a bunch of features to Infinite Flight at this point.

The hardware (processing, memory, graphics) is just not good enough to support these concepts at this point on mobile devices. Notice how the game lags more when there are more planes within your proximity at an airport? Those are all 3D rendered objects that take up power & space in your device’s hardware. Imagine adding a lot more 3D moving parts (gates, ground crew, birds, clouds, etc.). The game would literally be crashing all the time and your frame rate would be like 3 fps max. The reason why FSX has these features is because FSX runs on much more capable computers that have decent processing power, RAM, graphics, etc.

By resources I mean development. FDS only has a small group of developers, and I’m sure they have other things to worry about right now (ATC improvements; Live stability; other airplanes, liveries, regions, etc.)

As they say: Rome wasn’t built in a day…


@Swang007 knows his stuff.

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