Ground crew

So, I think this feature is a big step for the reality.
So there are lot of ways to make IF more realistic, like tire smoke 3D buildings and more. But the problem is: not every device can run it smoothly.
My idea is to recruit people to airport crew (like ATC). Lets say that from now, everyone which is waiting for pushback will have to wait to the pushbarck driver which is recruited by IF recuiters. Or let’s say that when you park, in the parking there are people which are waiting for you and taking care of the plane, and bus driver that will take the passengers to the terminal. I think it is less difficult from bots because IF developers will just have to create those vehicles and players will drive them.
What do you say? Please vote if you like it

So you are talking about ground crew in general?


Yes, like in real life

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As much as I like this idea, I think it’s too complicated atm.


Hmmm, might be an idea, it would definitely take a lot of work

@Tnel before the Crj update we thought that plane door and cabin interior is complicated too :)


It doesn’t seem as complicated as ground crew though :)

And global? :)

Don’t you think it’s easier then 3D buildings?

Alright you got me there, global is maybe more complicated, I’m not sure, but we have other priorities but I’ll drop a vote.

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thank you

Isnt this the same?

I feel like this would require huge amounts of effort to first of all create, and then maintain. This could be an entirely different game to start off with. Interesting idea, however I think Infinite Flight have other more pressing goals currently.

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No, because this feature is about autonomic pushback tag, and my feature is about pushback tag and more ground vehicles which will be controlled by real people

Well if we have people doing it there is for sure going to be trolls.
People who decide to keep pushing until you are in Timbuktu
People who just launch you into a wall
There are a lot of things that could go wrong

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We have 350 IFATCs and struggle to staff more than 3 airports on Expert. Makes me wonder, during an Event, with 15 aircrafts requesting pushback, waiting for a IFGC (Ground Crew) to turn up. Do we want to wait for these guys to turn up, before we can start our taxi?

We will need in IF a lot of IFGC people, so we may have enough people online to serve the aircraft’s on Expert.

I like the idea, and it would certainly give some added realism; but where do we find all these people? And again, do we want to wait for these people?


Like you recruit ATC, the ATC can tell you to crash and he isn’t doing it. We will have some parameters for IFGC and than nothing will go wrong. And they will be just in airports with ATC, I’m sure that a lot I people will join the IFGC

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@WestJet73e7767, like I said, the IFGC will learn how to be IFGC and they will have to pass a test

Maybe one day down the road this can be implemented but right now the focus is on more aircraft and possibly textures before we see some type of ground crew.

The cons outweigh the pros on this.

Even though global was complicated it offered a more diverse simulator to the community and the pros outweighed the cons.

It’s a nice idea and in the future I would like to see more integration but it won’t have my vote this time

I admire your passion for this topic. And yes, I agree, IFGC could be recruited.

What tasks to you see for the Ground Crew?
And…do you have thoughts and what it would ‘look’ like?