Ground Crew Team

If it’s specific it could be a user has accidentally left their callsign as a different airline… Maybe if they have to type in something that will request a specific airline truck?

Maybe or without the specific airline in the callsign they will get generic livery trucks

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Like I think I mentioned here, if not than certainly in other posts, I think the most useful ground crew position would be allowing Follow-Me Cars.
This could not only allow for more players to participate in ATC operations, but serve a role assisting pilots and ground controllers during busy periods.
Sometimes you get those pilots that seem to want to wonder around the airport like they’re trying to find a good parking space at the mall. If you could dispatch a Follow-Me Car to guide that pilot into a gate it would be very useful.


As others have mentioned. It would be extremely hard to have people to staff those positions. Though, they could do something at airports that feature the follow me cars could be like the drag and taxi feature but utilized by the ground crew team as a AI car for the plane to follow and to have a set speed to match. I see people not following this or running through the cars etc.

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I see this with every ground crew position recommended here.

Your idea is great, the Follow-me cars are the most important ground crew. I think the Follow-me car team (and the ground crew team too) must know the airport layout (i.e. aircraft taxiways restrictions or terminals/gates for specific airlines) to be able to operate the airport