Ground Crew Team

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I was thinking about this idea of having a team on Infinte Flight just like IFATC except it is Ground Crew! - ___

Since we are getting 3D models and working doors and jet bridges, my thought if IF could develop these things to be controlled by other people. Now I know your going to be asking about trolls etc. Yes I have thought about that but first let me get into how this would work.

Now I know im not the only one that thinks about where am I going to park once I land. So to solve this Ground team would have a IFATC member that would run a Ramp Frequency giving planes gates etc.

  • You would go onto the Ramp frequency selector after getting taxi clearance and request parking ramp/gate. With a possible Multi Tune frequency where ground and ramp can be tuned together.
  • Controller will respond with a gate and will show up highlighted on the map with a green circle (Possibly a taxi line to get to the gate in the best route possible) and a notification will come up with the gate name.

For the other people not running the frequency will have numerous selections of things where they will be commanding the ground vehicles to planes etc.

  • One or two people would be operating the entire airport depending on traffic.
  • There would be a system for pushback where it would automatically push the plane back but still controlled by the Operator. This would solve many of the issues of two few operators and not wanting people to push back.
  • On Training server it will remain the same where you can do everything etc but to do it in Expert server you would have to join the Team here on the IFC and pass a written and a practical exam.
  • I do not think this should be a TS operation and would really cause alot of trolling and would have to have training with permissions for training on TS after approval and Written test.
  • The pilot would have a Override button and a manual push without the push cart and will have a notification to the operator that the pilot is conducting this. The pilot will get a notification as-well and say that it is only to be used if you see an incursion or possible issue.
  • The pilot can request services to be terminated and all trucks can be moved away from the aircraft except the tug.
  • They can select the gate in which the plane is parked with the aircraft type and have the ground crew automatically activated on request from the pilot. Each plane will have a profile for how the ground crew will operate and will automatically know where to be moved on the Plane.
  • To assist the ground crew and IFATC the pilot when requesting pushback can ask for a recommended Left/Right Turn Push.
  • To utilize all of the deicing ramps we have within the game. If the pilot so wishes to deice their plane before take off they can request taxi to Deice from Ground Frequency. The ramp operator can summon deicing trucks will “spray” the liquid onto the plane and deice it. I think this is good but could wait till we get weather in the game.
  • Busses and Greeting cars will be scripted to each aircraft and will be use at specific to the airport that the planes are located at for added realism.

A few things for discussion.

  • Should they be able to report users?

Please give me some input on these and anything else you see that I dont see below :)

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Great idea Blake you have my vote !


Still to touch on your point Infinite Flight is a Aviation Simulator. Having this part with everything we already have will touch more of the Aviation Community and something I do not believe any others have! The beloved ground crew is key part of how aviation operates!


Maybe a system where you select a ground worker would be better for anti troll


Care to explain alittle more?

Thanks a-ton for the support!

Well, if you select who you want to push you back, then that could prevent trolls from forcefully controlling your aircraft out of the gate, especially if you know who it is that is working the ground vehicle.


Wow love the idea

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a great idea. Im very picky with my votes and i just unvoted one (great as it is) for voting for this. You have my support

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Well for TS it would be similar to ATC. Also would remove the pushback job and let them operate the ground vehicles I do not believe anything else would become trolly except running through ur plane etc.

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Thanks A ton! Awesome I got you thinking about this @Alan_Scott!

Thanks @Airnico_9962_on_YT!

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i also sent a link to my infinite flight group on FB. so hopefully they will come and vote for this idea.

Great idea


If it was just a flight sim there would be no ATC just planes and airports. Get my point?

This is enhancing the main point of flying like what ATC does.

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In a way it is…just because it isnt in the game now doesnt mean it isnt IRL. How to planes get food, fuel, and pushback’s IRL? You know what im saying?

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Think of it this way. Now currently we are flying without 3D airports only outlines and runways. Those are not a Core part of flying either. We have been doing it this long. The core part of flying is flying. Core parts of aviation are community, airports, ground crew, ATC, planes. We are just developing the game to be more like the real world!

True, but it still helps with realism. I mean, X-Plane 11 and FS2020 both have ground crews, and are a flight simulator.

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Nice idea. I’ll make sure to spare a vote.

Edit: Voted. Hope to see this in the game soon :)

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Thanks for the Support @tunamkol and @Smile760981!


This is a fantastic idea, I will definitely vote this feature!

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