Ground Crew/services

I do apologise that I am making this topic again. Also, I apologise if this is a duplicate (although I can’t find any other topic that’s open).

I think it would be cool if somewhere down-the-line the devs added ground crew like stairs, fuel trucks (we will soon have fuel consumption so this will be useful) and baggage trucks.

Now to address questions from the previous topic:

What about all the plane sizes? How will that work?
You could code stairs for different planes seperately. For example, there could be different stairs for different planes. An A380 would have different stairs compared to the A320, for example. Also, planes like the Citation or the 737-800 could have the built in stairs (either the ones on the door or the ones RyanAir use).

What about the liveries?
Easy: just make the vehicles Generic or the main one used at that airport. E.G DNATA at Dubai.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

Isn’t that generally difficult? Exactly at the line, by parking.!

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Not necessarily. It would take a lot of work, but it’s not impossible. But I’m not a coder so I don’t know.

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Nice, but it would be hard to code it in Mobile device at the moment. And the developers have many priorities to do this year (Global, MD-11/DC-10, etc) so I don’t see this to come in the upcoming 1/2 years


Even, then I’d rather want 3D buildings and more aircraft


True, I’d love 3D buildings at airports and MAYBE even jetties.

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Did you know, that in Aerofly, there are 3D buildings

Yes, I’ve played Aerofly 2 and 1 (IF is better :) )

Please search. It doesn’t matter if one is open or not, if it keeps getting closed you probably should not open one.There was one within the past few days that was closed… And it was yours…

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