Ground Controllers: How do you let a plane know their cargo door is still open?

Aloha All,

Was controlling ground at SFO yesterday evening on the TS. A MD-11F called up saying ready to taxi, but their Cargo door was wide open. I tried to figure out a way to get them to look at their plane (tried the aircraft too large) but to no avail and they took off with the door wide open.

Anyone been successful in letting the pilot know? If so how?

Screenshot with Username Blurred Out:

Well uh, you can’t really is the simple truth. It’s the pilot’s fault for leaving the cargo door open, and there isn’t that much you can do as a controller unfortunately. It is training server though, so it’s possible that person was just doing it for fun as most people would have realised by that time.


Didn’t even consider that.

To be fair I did the same thing in the TBM right after the update. Was so engrossed in the new live cockpit I took off with the cargo door open. Climbing out realized my mistake and made a quick emergency landing.

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