Ground Control

Interesting experience recently when I was in contact with ground after landing. It may have been KEWR but don’t remember. Anyway, the ground controller gave me a taxi instruction to “turn right onto taxiway [E]cho but there are no taxiway markings at any of the airports that I am aware of and no taxiway markings at KEWR. I love these types of instructions as it makes the experience much more real, but we need taxiway markings to be able to follow ground instructions. Ground then instructed me to taxi to parking at my discretion. Curious if anyone else experienced this too. Having the taxiway markings with ground taxi instructions makes the experience much more real and what I am used to with real flying.

Not exactly sure what you mean but you should be able to see the taxi route via the map feature

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It all depends on if the airport in question established and executes drag and taxi.


This was more than likely the new drag and taxi feature that was recently implemented into Infinite Flight in the last update. You should be able to see the taxi route assigned to you by zooming in on the map and a line which represents the route assigned to you will appear.

You can find out more about the new drag and taxi feature in the topic linked below:

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Thank you so much, I was not aware of this new feature. Looking forward to using in one of my future flights. Mike

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