Ground control request

I love flying through controlled airports but have had enough of these experiences that I thought I would share some feedback/a request. First of all, I really appreciate all of our controllers. I hope to have the time to be one on Infinite Flight one day.
Here is my feedback/request. We have had some great busy controlled airport events, and many of them have been at airports where most, if not all of the gates push back into the long line of taxiing aircraft.
I have experienced on too many occasions that the ground controllers do not understand that they should be asking taxiing aircraft to hold position to make room for pushbacks who should have been next in line.
This obviously forces ground controllers to really be on their A-game. Impatient pilots may try to grab the gate closest to the departing runway - thus the controller really needs to keep track of who is next in line.
Again, thank you to all the controllers for doing their great work. I just bring this up because I’ve waiting much longer than I should have on too many occasions that I wanted to share this feedback.
Thank you!

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Expert server has gone pretty weaksauce these days…so if you see things that shouldn’t happen, should be quite normal.

But, we the controllers can’t guarantee you ensured atc coverage at all times, because we do things in our lives that are more enjoyable than this.

I read somewhere that Misha is reworking the rules for ES, so hopefully things will simmer down by then. In the meantime, the best you can do is simply accept it / deal with it. It sucks, but it’ll be worth the wait.

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