Ground charts in cockpit

Thought it would be really cool and useful if we could choose from a few charts that could be displayed in the cockpit. Of course the size would have to be modified so it’s easy to read.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. The user uploads the file himself (it has to be a certain size to actually get uploaded)

  2. There is an in game menu where the user can choose pre-uploaded charts.


Yes!, highly needed!

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It will be nice to be implemented 😄. Especially after Global Update, We can check the Chart when going to unusual airports during taxi.


This is highly needed and would be so useful

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Yes, we need this feature! I think it would be great that every time we spawn in an airport we can see the ground charts of that airport!


Ooh, that’s a good idea too.

The chart can load based upon the airport we spawn/land in.


I agree with you 👍

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I’d like to bring this topic back to life. Considering that it received a lot of support, but sadly got buried deep in the forum before the voting system came out.

Or herself…

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Yup. Definitely targeting everyone :)

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I hope they will add this soon!

idk but maybe this thread is to old, better to close and make a new one, i might be wrong though

Well there’s already one of these, I’m pretty sure

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There’s a new thread:) Sorta the same, not really, same concept different execution.

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Would be nice, but I feel like they wouldn’t be very HD

They might put it in the 20.1 update. (Hope So)

Continue in the updated version as putting in actual charts would become more of a liability issue as people would try to use those charts for IRL flying.