Ground can be seen through the deck on interior drone

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Ground can be seen through the deck on B777 Series interior drone

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • _Step 2_choose a B777F
  • _Step 3_start at any airport
  • choose interior drone and move the viewpoint near to the floor
  • problems shown

Expected results

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fix the problem
Hope your team can add some liveries of Chinese airlines on B777 and the working in progress A330 series in passenger plane rather than cargo, for some airlines we can find the callsign in the setting menu but have no liveries.

Actual results

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always unstable when performing an approach,sometimes it causes air crash

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You reported this during the #open-beta. Laura replied, stating that it is a known issue.

and please one report per topic,

this has nothing to do with the update

Just a note for everyone, not every open beta bug was resolved during the official release so do be aware that some bugs might still be there for example the clouded 747 engines or the distorted 777 engine fan blades. No need to create a topic in support :)
See this reply by Cameron:

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