Ground atc

I can’t post in features so I’m posting here. I wish there was the ability to send a plane to taxi to a certain gate. Click on the plane and tap on the gate you want to send them to, it would make it easier for atc and would be a realistic improvement imo

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Or the pilot asking the atc to taxi to their preferred gate and rest is history.

Hey mate,

This is certainly a very good idea. Unfortunately however, this post is more suited to the #features category where you have to be TL2 Member or above to post in that category. You are currently a TL1 Basic User.

Keep being active, liking, commenting and being productive overall and contributing in a positive manner and you’ll reach TL2 in no time.

Once you do, ensure you take a search through the features category before creating your own topic to ensure that it will not be a duplicate feature request.

Take care!

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