Ground ATC Tutorial!


Ground ATC Tutorial

Here are a few little things to help people with ground control!

Pushback-This means that the aircraft wants to push back(reverse) out of their gate and prepare for taxi. Be aware of other aircraft that may be pushing back at the same time in the same area.

Taxi Clearance-This means you are clearing an aircraft to go to the selected runway and hold short. BE SURE that you are sending traffic to a runway which suits Tower, not just you.

Hold Position-This is when you want an aircraft to stop moving and stay where it is to avoid a possible collision. After using this instruct them that they can continue their Taxi!

Give way-This tells an aircraft they have to let another aircraft in front/to the left/to the right to go first. This can be used in conjunction with hold position, though pilots should be told to give way before being told to hold their position.

Frequency Change-You should not have to tell a pilot to conatct another frequency, as they should do it themselves when necessary. If they do not then you may instruct them to contact Tower.

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Thanks Guys! :)


Great information! Lots of people would benefit from this


This is good info but if people who fly online don’t already know this I worry haha