Ground App

I feel like there should be a add on or second developer app where you can do ground services.

Just a thought

This is a flight simulator tho.

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It’s a flight simulator that should have ground services


Since two feature requests for ground services were closed, I don‘t think they will develop something like this in the near future.


You mean like you actually operate ground services or just have your aircraft serviced by fuel truck and catering etc?

This one was recently replied to 13 days ago

To get vehicles, people, cargo, buildings etc. rendered on a mobile device, we need CPUs with X-times more power than the current ones. In addition, the devs said they will focus on clouds and buildings first.
Even if we all want this so bad and it would give the sim a lot more realism, I think we still have to wait a long time for this.

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One of the replies above should handle this.