Ground and tower coordination

Is there a way to coordinate between ground controller and tower controller to corrdinate runway usage? It frustrating when a ground controller sends aircraft to you arrival runway and the pilot ends up holding short for a long period of time.


On expert there is the ATIS, which designates which runways will be used. On training server, there’s not much you can do…


I had a feeling this might be the case, I am currently training to be an IFATC and I’m stuck to the training server for now, which is basically the Wild West of aviation. Can’t wait to earn my spot on the expert server and serve realistic IFC members. Thanks for the reply.


My recommendation is to choose an airport that doesn’t get much traffic. Stay away from the hot destinations like Los Angeles, JFK, London, San Fran., etc.


Late at night KSFO and KSAN are not terrible, you get the occasional pilot who won’t listen or know what your asking them to do. But absolutely agree that during peak hours it’s crazy. I personally am well set on ground operations as a controller so I do not controlle ground so it’s left open for someone wanting gain expirance that is new while I control tower.

If you want to get some pilots who know what they’re doing while also working towards being ready for IFATC, I suggest you look into a Tracking Thread:

Example (Mine):

And of course I recommend watching the tutorials if you haven’t already.

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I’d recommend contrary to @DeerCrusher that you use all available runways for arrival and departures. Or else you will run into this issue no matter the coordination.

Practice multitasking and using both tower and ground yourself! This is probably better done at a smaller airport like @DeerCrusher mentioned in his post.

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How could you control both at the same time??? I am intrigued.

You just switch between the freqs and zoom levels in the ATC side of IF. Then it is mutlitasking and a bunch of practice. :)


Well if you were at a smaller airport I could understand, but KLAX on TS1… I think around half of my brain cells would die.

I tried approach once at KLAX, there were only like 1 or 2 pilots that listened to my instructions.

If you are talking about TS then thats a different story. I did control ground and tower at KLAX / EGLL on TS earlier in my TS days (well before IFATC). It is doable unless it gets crazy crazy. But it is pretty challenging and often not a lot of fun. It is easy for quality of service to go down. I stopped doing that for the most part well before IFATC. But not before some portion of my brain cells died. :)

The challenging thing on TS is not just volume but of course that people don’t follow directions or understand them. This occurs on expert but far less frequently and IFATC controllers have a variety of options to address it.

Recommend not bothering with approach on TS. Periodically you will get people that will follow instructions but as you’ve seen it is rare. I only had one decent approach session ever on TS :).

If you ever join IFATC you focus first on tower and ground. That can be very challenging at a busy airport on expert. After you’ve done that for a while on expert you have the option to train for approach qualification.

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