Ground and Tower ATC @ KLAX

Hello everyone, im pretty new and just got on not very long.i started live only about a week ago and ive been spending time on socal approach. Until i reached a certain standing to atc in bigger airports like KSAN and KNUC as either ground or atc.

I did read up some tips and guide here to grab some basics. Also flew on aircrafts to have better understanding on how atc guides me.

All these only on the atc playground.

So just today, infact mins before i decided to post this up. I was on KLAX as ground for the earlier part until there wasnt anyone on the tower anymore.

Having seen people managed both ground and tower in klax, i took it up as a challenge despite knowing im really new in this aspect.

I was able to work on it alittle at the start but traffic started pilling up on both sides. Im sure i kept it going for awhile before i couldnt take it anymore.

I have over 13 unanswered ground contacts and 9 unanswered tower contacts. I wasnt able to manage and i just gave up. I left both positions full of aircrafts on my frequencies.

Im sorry that i did what i did and controlled too poorly. I bit off more than i could chew. Nonetheless, it was an exprience, i never knew how some of you guys can manage 2 stations so well. I did a few landings in klax to learn how it was like.

Anyway im just sorry for being an inconvenience for that.


At least you learned something! Advanced controllers use this method called TAG

One person tower, one person ground! It eases the pressure and stress.

Not to mention you were on playground (peanut gallery)

Keep working!



Thanks for the encouragement!! Im pretty sure now that i would control 1 station at a time. At least for the busier airfields.

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People say ground is easiest. So you might try that first :-)

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Yea, probably going to stick onto it for a while. This time more commitment on the busier airports

One thing about ground is pushback clearanc. Before giving an aircraft clearance to pushback, check his surroundings before issuing the clearance do avoid backing into another plane. Some people disregard this and it makes the environment somewhat unrealistic at times. That’s the hardest part about ground in my opinion. But at least you don’t have to sequence planes like tower does:)


We’re are all human pilots ,ground controll ,and Atc ,something that needs to be remembered by all we all love aviation that’s why we are here to lern love and get better so good on you for trying


That’s exactly right, Barrie! ATC is a service that helps both pilots and passengers to have a safe flight. Controllers are here to help!

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Nice job. Doing it is the best way to learn. KLAX is a tough one because of the size and volume of traffic to do both. I agree with Tecnamwta. Get to know the airport on the map view, it helps to know if planes are too close since we do not have taxiways on the map. Scan and pan the view when in doubt.

Try KONT and/or KPSP for some lighter traffic. KONT has a decent amount of traffic with nice parallel runways. KPSP has good volume so you can work on sequencing. KPSP also introduces the mountain range on the west side so you want to be sure to get to know the area first before you tell someone to turn into it.

Read up on the tutorials for pilots and ATC and be sure to watch the training video. The community has been great to me and my learning. They are always willing to do some pattern work for you and give you feedback.

And remember that the playground is a playground, you will get all sorts of characters. But the serious pilots know this as well and will work with you as you handle the situation. (ie, if the Pilot is coming in on the wrong end of the runway at way too much speed, let them crash and then continue as normal).

Keep up the good work!

I had almost the same experience as you. My first time as ground at KSAN was going rather smooth. Later, I took the challenge of ground and tower. Like you, I was stressed out and left in 1 minute. I then took control of ground at busy airports, and only a couple of times I would be tower and ground or just tower. Mind you, I literary printed IF guides on atc from this forum before controlling, and make sure I have them with me before controlling. Just take small steps, and you will be succesful. This was all in Playground.

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Thanks barrie. Im working at advance atc for a goal, this forum have been a good guide for me both as a pilot and atc.

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Agreed for KPSP =p the first time i visited, i was surprised but managed to do a good land in the area. Probably will do a few more flights for both runways before attempting KPSP.

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Haha i had my phone run on multi window with atc guides from here as well! With too much on my phone, it was difficult to switch between all these options and managing the atc as well. I guess it was added difficulty.

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Maybe try printing the tutorials? I did and it helps a lot.

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@Godzilla_Gamer Definitely trying that, or at the least using an extended device so i have 2 screens to refer to.

It’s your choice, but I would highly recommend printing the tutorials so you can focus on one device instead of two. But hey, I don’t have multi screen (have Android), or a second device that works (I do have one that is more powerful, but sadly its broken), but maybe two devices, or multi screen may work for you.

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I’ve only been on a month or so but I realised I had to get a pen a paper to take notes just for the flying part so hats off to all the Atc and the people learning cannot be easy ! And I tought myself I new nothing about planes and flying . I and listened and may have annoyed a few Atc and pilots (appoligies) but think I’m on the way up (pardon the pun ) 10/10 for infinite flight


I’m not a very good controller, but I try to do my share of community service in the tower…

For me, it helps to turn off the sound when there are several pilots making requests. The ATC voice can’t keep up, and it is so distracting! You can read the requests faster, and see your response submitted to the pilot instantly.

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I don’t turn off the sound, I’m usually reading the commands much faster than the voice is speaking them.

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Right!! Thats a good point. I’ll take note of that =)

Though sometimes there multiple pilots contacting me and i clicked on them to see their individual responses, if its something i didnt feel i need to reply to, i would pick another pilot nearer to me or in need of my assistance first.

Then their names become ‘unhighlighted’ then i become forgetful of their requests. Would it be better to send a standby message? Though im not sure how long I’ll need to get back to them as i become more tunnel vissioned in guiding the aircraft nearer to their destination.

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