Ground and takeoff bug

No matter what airport, what plane, the weather, or my weight, all planes seem to be wobbling on the ground without me touching it. I restarted my phone and refreshed the game but it still does this bug. Is this happening to anybody else?

Edit: Okay so I just realized it is only happening in solo mode.

like going side to side very dramatically like a boat would in water.


If you’re taxiing around, and using a good amount of rudder at somewhat fast speeds, the plane will kinda rock back and forth when your stop turning.

As for simply not touching it, it could also be the winds pushing the plane. Otherwise, I have no idea

yeah no its definitely not that, it’s when i spawn at the gate it begins to rock instantly and i havent even turned the plane on.

yeah i have the same thing happen
when i spawn the plane will shake up and down

is it continuous for you?

yeah it’s 1/2 of the time i spawn 😅😂

I’ve also had this occur on solo but with no consistency. It would be great if we could pin down some clear steps to reproduce the issue so it can be passed on to those who can fix it. So far I’ve tried with and without wind and turbulence and have had no luck