Ground/Airport Graphics Issue

I am running 23.2 right now and was exploring some of the camera views on the new Challenger, and noticed a graphics issue when using the “Bottom” Camera.

When I went to that camera the taxiway disappeared and I was just taxiing on the Google Earth graphics or whatever (picture will be below).

I know devs were sorting out some graphics issues before the release, so this may be part of the issue, I don’t know.

Also, I feel like it’s necessary to mention that (I am currently flying right now) so the only aircraft that I’ve been able to test the issue on has been the new Challenger, so may be helpful for someone else to see if it’s the whole fleet of aircraft or just an isolated issue with the Challenger.

Here’s the pic (as I said it looks like I was just offroading, but I promise I was on the taxiway…):

Device: iPad Pro 3rd Generation
Operating system: 16.6

Bottom camera seems ok to me.

However, the issue you are experiencing I have seen before. It happens when the camera is too close in the ground that it doesn’t show the textured laid above it. Not sure if that’s a bug, or just how it is. The CL35 bottom camera is not low enough to reproduce this glitch on my end, though.

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Ive experienced it too

Yeah, that makes sense.

It just seems weird to me that It’d be happening especially on a taxiway.

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yea i’ve experienced this too… not only on the CL35 but on almost all other aircraft, not sure why tho

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