Grob Tutor 115 E/EG

Grob G 115E/EG

This would be a lovely little aircraft to have. Used worldwide for lots of purposes including training for the RAF and so forth. Bonus; it can do acrobatics! It’s also a nice aircraft for sunny days with good views from the wide view style cockpit. Would be nice for VFR flying from small British airfields.

Operators include:

RAF/Air Cadets
Egyptian Air Force
UAE Air Force
Kenyan Air Force

A full list can be found here.

And yes, I may be biased in favour because I have done acrobatics in it near Stonehenge…

Credit: James Humphreys
Link: Here

OMG! Misha is a pilot too!!??

In all seriousness, looks cool, I’d give it a whirl.

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Looks a bit similar to the Cirrus SR22.


I really like this aircraft good request Misha

Yes finally more GA! We need planes like these!

Ah! This is what I train in!

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Fun little aircraft isn’t it.


Haha… I’m going to be flying this soon with the cadets!
At Boscombe Down as well!

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Devs don’t work for free, nobody does…

Looks like fun plane to fly

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Nice. Should be a lot of fun. I have a feeling I went there with the Air Cadets when I was at Odiham for a few weeks.


I’ll try and take some pics (not of the base obviously cause they don’t allow that) and I’ll post them here.

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The developers should add the Grob Tutor and the Viking which both belong to the Air cadets organisation. It would be nice to fly the aircrafts of what the army reserve would have for the UK

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Well, if it’s a GA aircraft, and multiple air forces are operating it, sure! It would be an interesting addition.

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Bumping this now. I’ve now flown it twice - most recently today, and I think it would be really good in the sim.

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hey very nice BUT why not put a little more power and go For the Grob g120a (piston retractable) or the inzane g120TP (turbo prop)

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Misha I really want this aircraft after the kc10 is done as this is a remarkable aircraft. As a mater of fact I am in the air cadets and we fly the grob tutors in RAF st athan which is a beautiful airport. Please add this I beg you! 😉

If I had that ability, this would already be added lol


It looks exactly like an SR22

This here is the very first grob tutor i flew with and all i can say is i love it.

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