Grob G 115 Family

Grob G 115E/EG

This would be a lovely little aircraft to have. Used worldwide for lots of purposes including training for the RAF etc. Bonus; it can also do acrobatics!

Operators include:

  • RAF/Air Cadets
  • Egyptian Air Force
  • UAE Air Force
  • Kenyan Air Force

And yes, I may be biased in favour because I have done acrobatics in it near Stonehenge…


Interesting aircraft. Would love to see this in-game, for sure.


Sounds great. I’d love to be able to use more GA and light trainer class planes in the app, given how many small fields we have that stay empty

Yes. IF needs more GA aircrafts and twim turboprops

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A variety of aircrafts in IF would give a lot of choice to pilots on what to fly :)