Grnd and twr ATC @EHAM [Closed]

Hello! I am currently twr and grnd at EHAM! Come along so that I can get more experience :)
Training Server 1

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On my way. :)

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Coming shortly!

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Just so you know: You can use Rwy 24 for departures. It’s only a 6 kt crosswind. Your decision though. :)


I just noticed the wind change

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… interesting experience …

I’ll PM you.

Sorry, started not to feel well, I had to leave :(

It’s been a while since I was ATC ;)


  • You have many runways at EHAM, dont just use 18L

  • No sequencing given. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

  • Clearance for the option only given after 2 final reports

  • Clearance to takeoff given way to late for and a380 with a spitfire on 1 mile final.

If you need more info please feel free to ask.

IFATC Adam Callow


thanks for the feedback, Haven’t been on ATC for a while. And I started not to feel well (Had a migraine this morning, still feel off and feel like I have a stomach bug.)


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